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Discover life after school. We go beyond the traditional and help you to find a way forward that's right for you. Study guides, careers information, next steps and webinars, how to get those difficult jobs, find the right university course, how to set up your own business or become an apprentice. Be inspired!

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Schools sign up here and let your students and teachers receive tailored content to broaden students' horizons and level the playing field and allow your school to meet its IAG commitments in a pain free and engaging way.

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FMF is a way for you to speak to students interested in your area. Anyone with a passion for what they do or who has something to communicate to young people, we would love to hear from you.  Your small commitment can make a big difference to students by broadening their horizons, exploring the world beyond the curriculum and helping them find a way that's right for them. Come and get involved.


Careers paths are changing, the work environment is changing, with the global economy and the opportunities the internet has given people and business we are in a new era for careers and job opportunities. FMF is here to try and bring you the latest information on careers and help you decided which one you would love to have.



Choices can be tough and we don’t always have the support we need. Sometimes, wrongly, we don’t feel all doors are open to us. Whether that’s the next step at school, higher education, an apprenticeship or straight into a career, FMF will provide tailored information, resources and contacts so you are equipped with the skills and support to perform to your best, make those life decisions and get to where you want to go.

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Life isn’t just about school and work.  Personal pressures of friends, peers, family, school, relationships, money, general growing up stuff can be overwhelming. FMF aims to help you with trusted information you can save, someone to talk to and chat rooms. Sometimes just knowing that someone else has been there can help. And it’s private.  This is your own space.  Let us know what you want us to talk about. 

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FMF is for you and your voice is important.  If you, or one of your friends would like to become a contributor, let us know.  Have your say on what should be offered; make a film, interview someone, start a debate, tell us about something you think is important.  Get in touch and help shape FMF.